Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The April Storm and AK Team

Here I am super excited to be working again in Alaska! This is my 3rd summer with UNAVCO Plate Boundary Observatory.
Ryan, one of the field engineers jammin' out to some tunes while picking up supplies in Anchorage.
Kristen, our permitting assistant and our new manager Brian
The Chugach Mountains sit right above Anchorage. So beautiful. Anchorage definitely has a lot of trucks on the road. I have never seen a city with so many white trucks.
The winter storm! We got over a foot on April 25th. This was very unexpected, but it gave me a good flavor for life in Anchorage during the winter!
Looking from my porch to the snowy scene outside

Excited for the snow!
The apartment is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice kitchen and living room. Very comfortable. I love it!
I love to sit in the chair, look out to the Chugach mountains, and sip my tea. So good!
Here are the Chugach Mountains after the storm looking out from my porch. They hid for at least two days and then the clouds lifted and revealed such a beautiful scene.
I love how the sun lights them up.

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Melissa!! said...

ally freakin marzulla I think I miss you more than I missed toliet paper when I was in Alaska. Please come back to me!