Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sand Point (Shumagin Islands)

This is my first install of the season! I was so excited to be out in the field again. Sand Point is on Popof Island which is part of the Shumagin Islands. They are south of the Alaska Peninsula right before the Aleutian chain starts.

I was out for a week and we installed two GPS sites, built a repeater site and did maintenance on a current site at Sand Point. All the gear was staged off of the Kittiwake and we stayed on it for 4 days for the installs.

Looking out to all the fishing boats

There were bald eagles everywhere! This one was sitting on a post while we filled up the truck on the pier with gas.

Very beautiful out there. Looking out to Unga Island across the water

Max, Ben and I heading down to the dock to the Kittiwake.

Oh, Peggy Sue has seen better days...
Max and the little hotel dog. They got to be very good friends.

To the west was the mountainous terrain of Unga Island and to the North was the snow covered majestic Alaska Range across the water.
Hanging out ready to head to the site.

Max filling up the truck at the gas station. It was the same place for both boats and cars so we had to drive out onto the pier to get gas.

Here I am with Doerte checking out the equipment at the Sand Point site

Oh, it was a chilly one. Everything was frozen...hands, feet, bum...I had to dance around all day to keep warm.

Max and I looking tough in our Mustang suits as we are about to fly up to the repeater site on a mountain top above town. The suits are super warm. I felt like a huge warm orange marshmellow.

Here is an overview of where I was. The red arrow is pointing to the Shumagin Islands.


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