Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chernabura (Shumagin Islands)

After installing Nagai, we motored 3 hours over to Chernabura Island. We had beautiful weather here and got the site done in a day.
Churnabura Island! Very remote, very beautiful.

Max with the hut
Here I am covering the tools so they don't get blown away by the helicopter.
Our site, very small, at the top of the island.
The helicopter shut down on the boat.

Chilling out, waiting for more supplies to be slung from the boat to the site so we can start.
Ally drilling holes for anchoring down the hut.
Oh yeah, looking tough on the Hiliti.
We looked down to the beach and wanted to go swimming, but then we realized we were in Alaska and not the Caribbean, so we decided not to.

Our tools, in black and white, looking out to the island across the water.
Doerte and I about to hop out of the helo.
Slinging gear

Jeff, the helicopter pilot also helps us with the construction of the sites. Yup, he's awesome!

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edetmer said...

Like your pics of Chernabura. I spent some time there in 1999 doing some cleanup work on the WWII-era radio station. We camped on the beach (white sands!) and ate T-bone steaks. It was August and 70 degree temps--then went swimming in the bay while humpback whales were spouting nearby. Truly ethereal--can't imagine too many people have been there.