Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Kittiwake and Nagai Island (Shumagin Islands)

From Sand Point we got on the Kittiwake and motored 8 hours over to Nagai Island which is part of the Shumagin Islands. They are south of the Alaska Peninsula and right before the Aleutian Islands start. The Kittiwake used to be a crabbing boat and used to be called the Time Bandit, so it is the senior to the one on the show The Deadliest Catch. We were on the Kittiwake for 4 days. We were supposed to be on there for atleast a week, but the weather was good and we finished early.

Looking from the wheel house down to the deck with all of our gear.
The gang
"Ah yes, here we are."
Pointing to our current location
Tim, the engineer on the boat

Max and Doerte
Doerte, Max and I all ready to head out to sea.

Doerte checking out our route

Anchored at Nagai Island

Looking out the kitchen window

Tim and John fishing while we have some downtime. They caught some cod so we got fresh blackened cod for dinner! Yum Yum.

John, part of the boat crew, watching our progress from the wheel house.
John, the captain of the Kittiwake.

All our gear on deck
Here's our bunks! Nice and cozy. The waves and motor on the boat rocked me to sleep.
Rob, the helicopter mechanic having a cup a joe on the Kittiwake
Rueben, the cook. Lots of wonderful food. Steak, salad, bacon, eggs, fresh fish...pretty much had it all.

John, Tim and Max hooking the hut up to the helicopter sling.

Jeff peeking his head out of the helicopter to check on the sling load below.

And there it goes...

Max drilling at the site

Looking down to the water below from our site

It was super cold out there so I kept moving and worked hard to keep warm. The winds picked up at the end and snow was coming down so we had to leave and come back the next day to finish.
Our GPS monument built and beautiful looking out across the water.
Doerte at our hut. I drilled the holes for the rock bolts and anchored down the hut.

Max and I working at the site.

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