Friday, June 22, 2007

Akutan (Aleutians)

Here are some photos of Steve and I going over to Akutan to do some maintenance on our communications hut in town. Akutan is one island east of Unalaska. It is a little native village of about 50 people. The volcano on the island is also called Akutan and we have 9 GPS stations monitoring it.

Playing tug-a-war with this native dog. He carried the 2x6 around all day and he wouldn’t let you play fetch because he never dropped it.

The village is made up of all these little boardwalks.

He’s still got his 2x6.

The Goose landing. PenAir has 3 “Geese” and they are all from the 1940s. They don’t make them anymore. They just keep repairing them.

Akutan, the village, sits at the foot of this mountain on the bay.

Flying by the Orthodox Church.

We flew over on the Goose. It is amphibious so it can takeoff or land in the water or land.

Akutan, the VOLCANO!

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