Friday, June 22, 2007

Atka (Aleutains)

Atka! An island on the western side of the Aleutians. The village has about 30 people. Crazy! Everyone was super nice. We spent 3 days here installing a GPS monument. We had beautiful weather. Look at that blue! So rare.

“How does this thing work again?”

Here I am on the quad. I did a lot of shuttling on this thing lugging equipment and batteries. Fun stuff. I got to be fairly proficient!

A moment of Ally’s bizarre weirdness. I thought I would do a beautiful self portrait. Ha Ha!


Max and Steve working hard. Don’t worry, I’m working my butt off too.

Building our GPS monument, she’s a beauty!

Hanging out with the Epoxy gun

Steve and I flying from Dutch Harbor to Atka. Jammed into the plane with all our equipment.

The arrows show Dutch Harbor on the island of Unalaska, Akutan, and Nikolski on Umnak Island. Atka is off the map more to the west.

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