Friday, June 22, 2007

The Slush Cup

I went up to Alyeska for the Slush Cup with my co-worker Kristen and her kids Hunter and Kaitlin. Also Max and Ryan who work with us were there too. I dressed up as a gangster, viking, bat lady with UNAVCO and Earthscope stickers all over me.

I was one of 40 crazy people to tuck as fast as I could down the hill and try to make it across a 100 ft pool of icy cold water without falling in. Some costumes were: a big banana, a moose poop, Borat, triathlon man, a gorilla, a penguin, Winnie the Poo, a drunken Bode Miller, Jesus…

Ryan, Hunter, and Kaitlin
Max wearing the viking wig. Looking good.

You would have to go off this jump, get some air, and glide across the pool.

I didn’t make it either…but I got some pretty awesome air and speed.

A friend in Florida was reading OK magazine and saw my picture in it! I have no idea how I got in , but I thought that was pretty sweet!

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