Friday, June 22, 2007

Firearms Training

Here are photos from our 4-day firearms course. We shot 12-gauge shot guns, .45-70 rifles, and .44 magnum revolvers. I personally liked the .45-70 rifle the best. I felt like I could get the best shot off with it and the best aim. It was awesome!

Sara (my new roommate and other student field assistant) being awesome and shooting the .44 mag.

Ryan in action with the .44 magnum revolver.

Pulling out the .44.

Shooting the .45-70 rifle.

Oh yeah. Check out that bruise. It got a lot worse by the end of the day.

I’m dominant with my left eye, so I have to put by head across the butt of the shotgun to see the sights clearly. It kept hitting me in the mouth and I got a huge fat lip. I don’t like the shotgun because it hurt me, but the rifle was nice to me.

Taking out the bad boys.

Steve Nelson, the instructor helping me get comfortable with the revolver.

Posing as a model for Revlon, check out those nails!

Visualizing success!

Sara with the 12-gauge

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