Thursday, June 21, 2007

Old Harbor (Kodiak)

Here are some photos from Old Harbor on Kodiak Island. This was the first site that we visited on Kodiak to do maintenance. We had 4 stations and 1 week. Lots of flying, lots of beautiful sights.

The village of Old Harbor

Max sporting the weapons

Views from our site on the hill

Max chatting on the sat phone
Max and Doerte working on our station

Big bear country. We saw 4 right before we landed about a mile from the runway just playing in the river.

The stash: notebook, file, computer, camera, enclosure key, and the guns.

Old Harbor is on the east side of Kodiak Island, Akhiok is on the southern part of the island, Sitkinak is a little island south of Akhiok, and Shuyak is an island north of Kodiak.

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