Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shuyak (Kodiak)

These are photos from our last maintenance sight on Kodiak. Right after we got off the plane from Akhiok we ran across the runway to the helicopter that was waiting for us. We loaded up and flew to this little island north of Kodiak. A park ranger, Kevin, came with us to check the sight out. It's pretty sweet because they have a ranger station out on Shuyak that Kevin built during his 12 summers on the island. Kevin (ranger) and Tom (pilot) chilling out

Doerte and Max checking out the GPS receiver.

Picking up batteries from the beach and bringing them up to the site

Doerte checking out the beach. There were huge bear tracks right where she was walking. It looks like the bear took a little dip in the water. It was a beautiful day for a swim so he probably enjoyed that.

We dropped mail off to the rangers out at the station. They are there all summer on the island maintaining 4 public use cabins.

Four-Peaked (left) and Mt. Douglas volcano across the Cook Inlet. I flew over Four Peaked last year during the time it was venting. The USGS wanted us to go document it since we had the helicopter out at Augustine volcano.
Our beautiful site!

Kevin and Max being dropped at the site while we fly down to the beach so we can send up batteries that were dropped off by a float plane earlier in the week.

Doerte and the State Park Ranger hanging out waiting to get on the helo

Flying to Shuyak Island

“10-4 good buddy. Mission accomplished. We’re coming home!” Ha Ha.

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